Dixon Melons

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The BEST Melons in Montana!


Fri Sep 6

Dixon Melons are at Missoula Farmers Markets, Butte, Helena, Bozeman, and Hamilton this Saturday , September 7th. We are winding down and it is very probable this will be our last markets!!! Enjoy them while they are here.

FYI: Dixon Melons were tested by the FDA which was voluntary on our part. They tested 10 out of 10 melons negative for listeria and 2 out of 2 melons negative for salmonella. We were very happy about the results and always have our customers best interests and safety in mind!!! Eat Dixon Melons and enjoy the season!!! It is short and almost over!!! Thanks for your support.

Thu Aug 29

Karl Tyler gives his employees Dixon Melons!!! They were very excited!!! Thanks Karl for supporting Dixon Melons!!!